How do you want to use telmy?
    • Savings up to 90%
    • Full cost control with pre-paid credit account
    • No basic fee, contract can be terminated at any time
    • Ständig wechselnde Rabattaktionen
    • Telefonieren im Ausland ohne Roamingkosten**
    • more benefits

What is telmy?

telmy is for customers of any cell phone or conventional telephone networks who are searching for unlimited low priced telephone communication. Thus, customers of Arcor, 1&1 etc. can use Call by Call rates. Our call-through service provides the opportunity to save up to 90% of costs when calling internationally.
Use our prefixes for low priced calls to foreign countries. Convince yourself and check out our cheap tariffs.

To use our low priced prefixes for foreign calls you have to register. The registration is free of charge, without obligation and you can cancel it at any time.

As a welcome gift we offer you a credit of 1 €*. You can start directly to try the service without any commitment.

You can also use open call-through numbers, which are available without registration. This Call-through numbers are billed to the telephone bill from your network provider. But keep in mind the many benefits of a free registration!

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*The sign-up bonus is only paid once per registered telephone-line/per customer.
** bei Einwahl über unseren Callback-Service