Rates for BAHRAIN

All previous prices are hereby invalid. Prices in ct/min. (incl. VAT). Billing is per minute (60/60) unless otherwise stated

    registered users non-registered users Rates valid from 7/13/20, 4:00 PM
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  069 96 75 4000 0800 16 5 9999 01801 322 4 22* 01803 322 4 22** 01805 322 4 22***
Aug 10, 2020, 1:40:27 AM 11,10 ct./Min. by landline 12,92 ct./Min.
by mobile 23,38 ct./Min.
*Land line price: 3,9 ct/min, mobile telephone maximum price: 42 ct/min
**Land line price: 9 ct/min, mobile telephone maximum price: 42 ct/min
***Land line price: 14 ct/min, mobile telephone maximum price: 42 ct/min
¹ to the German Landline
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Calling time after charging

Hier können Sie sehen, wie lange Sie nach Aufladung des kleinsten Punktepaketes (10 €) nach BAHRAIN telefonieren können.

Dial-in number Rate € 10,00 equates to
069 96 75 4000 11,10 ct./Min. 90 minutes
0800 16 5 9999 by landline 12,92 ct./Min.
77 minutes
0800 16 5 9999 by mobile 23,38 ct./Min. 42 minutes
SMS 7 ct./SMS 142 SMS

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Current weather in BAHRAIN

  • 34 °C
  • Wind: NW at 16,0 km/h
  • klar
  • Mon
  • 33°C / 35°C
  • klar
  • Tue
  • 32°C / 33°C
  • klar
  • Wed
  • 31°C / 33°C

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Area code for BAHRAIN
cheap calls - 00973

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