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Here you can find most of the answers to your questions.

What is telmy?

temly is a service to save up to 90% of the costs on calls within germany and to foreign countries. telmy is a credit-based service that provides the greatest possible flexibility and independency, in addition to that telmy got useful bonus-features.

To gain access to our low priced rates a registration is necessary, there is no basic fee or hidden costs. A alteration of the contract from your service-provider is not necessary.

From which networks can you use telmy?

You can use telmy from all mobile phone and fixed networks (f.e. 1&1, Arcor, Alice, Vodafone, Eplus etc.). With its callthrough rates telmy provides an alternative to classic Call by Call which is usable via the Deutsche Telekom network only. Of course customers of the Deutsche Telekom can use telmy as well.

How does the service work?

Similar to call-by-call you pre-dial a certain number to gain access to our network. We have set up a free-phonenumber and geographical access number for you.

At start, you have to sign-up for free at / and set up your personal account where you can charge your credits. The account gives you full cost-control, like a pre-paid method.

When i have to dial the geographical access number 069 96 75 4000
and when the free-phonenumber 0800 16 5 9999?

Basically, the geographical access number 069 96 75 4000 is the one with the favorable price, as you can see in the tariff-overview. If you dial
the 0800 16 5 9999 we have to take the costs for your call to our network. These costs were added to the tariff.

For example, if you get a monthly free quota or a flat-rat from your service-provider, you can dial into our service at 069 96 75 4000
without connection costs.

However, the free-phonenumber 0800 16 5 9999 you should use if no low or no-connection cost access is possible, like a pre-paid card from a mobile service-provider.

Why are there two dial-in numbers for users of a flat rate to the German Landline?

Various mobile network operators sometimes have blocked our general dial-in number. In this case we allocate a personal dial-in number to our customers.

If the general dial-in number isn't available from your mobile phone network, please choose the personal dial-in number. This one is marked in green in my dial-in numbers. The tariffs are identic to the 069er dial-in number.

Speed-dials / Contacts

At telmy - your personal account you've got the possibility to put speed dial numbers to your contacts to simplyfy the dialing. To setup the speed dial, go to the "contacts-section" .

After the successful setup of your personal telephone directory you can reach your entry by dialing the access-number + the corresponding speed dial number.

How much does telmy cost?

At telmy there are no connection-cost and no basic, monthly fee. You only pay for what you really phone.
At mytelmy - your personal account you always have full cost-control.

How to charge my credit

You can charge your credits at any time with our secure billing-system Megabill (SSL encrypted).
To do so, click on the menu item "Manage credits". at mytelmy

Which methods of payment are available?

We offer the following payment methods to you

  • Paypal
  • giropay
  • ClickandBuy
  • Sofortüberweisung
  • credit card
  • debit
  • EPS
  • pay in advance
  • Moneybookers

Does my credit expire?

You keep your points as long as you use telmy at the least thirteen months. If you don't use telmy longer than 13 months, we'll close your account and your points (if any left) will be wasted.

Do i need a PIN?

No, after sign-up we recognize you with your telephone line as soon as you dial in via one of our access-numbers. The service only works by the registrated phone lines. Therefore it is an absolute must to registrate every line from where you want to use telmy. You can add and modifiy lines at any time in your mytelmy-menu .

How do i get an itemised bill?

You'll get an downloadable itemised bill at any time on mytelmy at your personal account management.
Log in with your userdata and click on "Itemized bill" at Invoice / Bill.

How do i find out about the latest tariffs?

The most up-to-date tariffs you always find out at the tariff-overview.

Additionally, you have the possibility to let announce the latest tariff on the phone before every call you make with telmy.
You can activate this option in your preferences menu at any time.